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Get Twizted Tees mission is to encourage a foundation of self-pride, self-love and embracing who you are unapologetically, while promoting products that display self-expression.

Get Twizted Tees founded by Tanisha L. Blakemore, a t-shirt line celebrating, embracing and promoting natural hair. After two attempts of transitioning from relaxed to natural, 2007 finally marked the year when she no longer wanted to “lye” to herself. She followed thru with the BIG CHOP.

Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair for approximately 6 months has evolved into much more than a physical transformation, an emotional and spiritual expedition as well. As a result of this 10-year journey her self-esteem has skyrocketed, becoming infatuated with her coils, embracing the healthiness, versatility, and texture of her chemical-free hair.
During this time she sought out casual apparel that she could relate to naturally, but none to be found. What she found was cookie-cutter designs that lacked originality and failed to convey her passion for being natural. The designs allow wearers to express themselves with images depicting natural haired beauties and statements promoting kinky, curly, coily, and self-love. 
Get Twizted Tees aren't just for women with natural tresses but for the everyday woman who is chic, a fashionista, while simultaneously having the desire to express herself through apparel.
With all my Love, Peace & Blessings
Tanisha L. Blakemore